The sweet poems deserved inevitably a specific section on this site, distinct from the one dedicated to love and to romantic poems. While these one includes poems on the passion and suffering of love, in fact, the sweet poems describe only those moments when the poetry was inspired by a delicate feeling.
There are so many sweet poems contained in Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi: here's a taste...

Sweet poems - Diario d'illusioni

Some sweet poem (in italian):

Here some sweet poem from "Diario d'illusioni" and "Solidiversi" . Click above to read:

- Sei luna di notte
(the first sweet poem from Diario d'illusioni)

- Ninfa d'estate che scaldi il mio amore
(a sweet poem from Diario d'illusioni)

- Se il dolce profumo che inebria il mio sguardo
(the sweet poem on the homepage. From Solidiversi, dodecasyllable, double senarius)

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