siliotto The romance inspired many of my poems. It's just one of the faces of love, as are the passion, suffering, love, hate.

And the romantic poems are then those who speak only about the most tender part of love, perhaps the most unreal, almost independent of the object of love, that are feeded from his idealization.

Commonly we tend to think that to be romantic it means just say sweet words, give flowers, talk about sunsets. We confuse, as often in contemporary society, shape with substance. In this way the externality would become the key element of romance.

I think instead that it is something like a panic loving. Something uncontrollable, which disrupts the inner deep. Positive anxiety that sometimes makes the world seem like heaven on earth, but which often hide a melancholic feeling.

Therefore we can be romantic externalizing it at all, or to be not so also while doing something that looks so.

Here some romantic poem from Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi...

Some romantic poem (in italian):

Here some romantic poem from "Diario d'illusioni" and "Solidiversi" . Click above to read:

- Lampo d'autunno accendesti il mio core
(a love poem from Solidiversi)

- Se il dolce profumo che inebria il mio sguardo
(the romantic poem on the homepage. From Solidiversi, dodecasyllable, double senarius)

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