siliotto The love poems represent the bulk of my literary production.
Indeed, on reflection it was a love poem to make me aware of the passion for writing in meter and rhyme. A poem inspired by a delicate feeling, which still represents one of the sweetest love poems composed by me.
But don't get me wrong, for me "love poem" does not necessarily synonymous with romance. Sometimes the protagonist is a passion, and in other cases the disappointment or even resentment.
All my love poems, however, photographing actually lived experiences and feelings truly tested, immediately translated into verse. Were not written to be read by the muse that inspired them. On the contrary, almost always the person who did the excitement bloom described in the lyric, has no idea that he had this important role. And my silence about it, is because not always the person for which we feel an emotion, live up to it.
Often, in fact, what we feel is something merely personal: the feeling comes from an idealization rather than from a real person.
However, although the muses will never know it, I decided to share my love poems by publishing books "Diario d'illusioni" and "Solidiversi", which also contain poems wiht different topic.
In fact, it makes me happy to think that someone else can identify with those feelings, positive and negative, that I describe.
In this site you can freely read some of my love poems. One is on the homepage and others are linked on the right.
Happy reading and, I hope, good emotions...

Some love poem (in italian):

Here some love poem from the books Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi . Click above to read:

- Dove ti celi adorabile ninfa
(invocation to Erato, the muse of love poetry. From Diario d'illusioni)

- Un bacio alle labbra ed il rogo s'accende
(an erotic poem from Diario d'illusioni)

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