siliotto The poems with rhymes have long characterized the Italian literature, reigning undisputed at least until the Renaissance, when it appeared on the literary scene the "in blank verse".
My poems are in most cases in "rima perfetta", "rima piana" and "rima alternata".

To better speak, some knowledge will be useful:

We have "rima perfetta" when the words end in identic way, for example: intorno-contorno. We have "rima imperfetta" when the identity is not absolute.
Then we have two subcategories:
a. Consonanza: consonant equal but different vowels (eg dare-odore)
b. Assonanza: identical vowels and consonants different (eg passare-sale)

We say "poesie in rima piana" when the stress is on the penultimate syllable, "poesie in rima sdrucciola" when the stress is on the antepenultimate syllable, "poesie in rima tronca" when the accent is on the last syllable.

Finally we call "poesie in rima alternata" those that follow the pattern ABAB CDCD. Other schemes are: rima baciata (AABB CCDD), rima ripetuta (ABC ABC), rima incatenata (ABA BCB CDC), rima incrociata (ABBA CDDC) and rima invertita (ABC CBA).

Poems with rhymes (in italian):

Here some poem with rhymes from the books Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi . Click above to read:

- La sera ho sprecato ne sono sicuro
(poem with rhymes about society from the book Solidiversi. Dodecasyllable, double senarius)

- Superbia ignorante che alberghi nel cuore
(poem with rhymes about politics from the book Solidiversi. Dodecasyllable, double senarius)

- Cadon le gocce nel buio silente
(poem with rhymes about the love suffer, from the book Diario d'illusioni)

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