siliotto The poems about life that you find on this page, talk abut the mystery of our existence by asking the classic questions: for what purpose do we live? Where are we going?
Are questions that you too certainly asked at least once in your life, striving to find a sensible answer. The "your" answer.
But the poems about life that you may access through this page, try to go a bit further, to investigate the reliability of the response that each of us is given.
About everybody, in fact, we ended up identifying a goal and undertaking the journey to it. A journey fraught with difficulties, that costs us so much with the little time that life grants.
Then we spent energies and days, no one will ever give back, to reach the chosen goal.
But that, which we have identified as the purpose of life, is really fully ours?
It is not perhaps copied from other people? From the models imposed by the society in which we live?
In poems about life that you find on this page I wonder precisely this: of desires that drive us, which really are our own and which are induced by family, friends, television?
Perhaps when we are away from the happiness, is because we are following a path that leads us to a wrong destination and subconsciously we know it. Perhaps it would be better to change the lens and start over.
But are we willing to admit we wasted all our life and are we ready to lose forever the time and energy spent so far?
And are we ready to suffer marginalization by those who don't have the courage to make such a waiver, and who hate us because every day our change of course reminds them that they are cowards?
This is just one of the subjects that inspire the poems about life that you find in the books Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi, but I also believe that it is one of the most important. So I decided to link in this page the two poems about life that you find on the side.
I hope you will like them: enjoy...

Some "poem about the life" (in italian):

Here some poem about the life from the books "Diario d'illusioni" and "Solidiversi" . Click above to read:

- Tempo impietoso che passi veloce
A poem about life from Diario d'illusioni.

- La porta che s'apre ed un raggio di luce
A poem about life from Solidiversi. Dodecasyllable, double senarius.

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