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Love poems and about the human condition, poems about life and society, sweet poems or sometimes sad and violent. Diario d'illusioni and Solidiversi are books of poems with rhythm and rhymes written by me, Antonio Luca Siliotto, in which I express the emotions that life from time to time made ​​me feel.
The poetry photographs the interiority and eternalizes translating it into rhyme. In this site you will find poems to read freely, divided into the following sections:

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The cover books are drawed by Antonio Luca Siliotto:
Diario d'illusioni, "The virginal hope", pencil on paper, inch 13x18.91.
Solidiversi, "The deathless flower", charcoal on paper, inch 13x18.91.

A poem with rhythm:

(translated: the original is on the italian page)

If the sweet scent that intoxicates my look
with which my breath now you saturated
could give strength to a coward Cupid
it would make sense to be near you

and I could wait for the arrival to your chest
of the noble dart direct to your heart
in fervent expectation of sweet verdict
which declares legal my ardor

so tell me the good news
about your soul that is preparing for a kiss
so that in the dark a star light
turns on the party from boring life

and be my fate hitherto concealed
the secret meaning of a thousand cuts
the lighthouse with which my boat is driven
to lands of love which looked like lie

while I seek a smile in the eyes
your lips just enough disclose
because the gentle zephyr warms my face
and change forever in love the war

weapons and walls that the time has prepared
make superfluous in the blink of an eyelash
and my name be changed by you to this
that is a vain word if it's more than a whisper.

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